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Our Location is Fantastic
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Our Location is Fantastic
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We are based in Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man, and our clubhouse is located just off Broadway.
You will find us at "Thie Ellyn", off Withington Road. 
See the map below for details.

Thie Ellyn is Manx Gaelic for House of Art

Thie Ellyn, off Withington Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, British Isles, IM2 3BF

Thie Ellyn was formerly a meeting hall for the Jehovah Witnesses and acquired by the Society in 1996. It consists of a large room measuring 19 by 11 metres with a small stage, a food preparation room and adequate toilet facilities. The Society has been granted a Fire Certificate to cover 200 occupants, although there is at present seating for only 120. A garage beneath the main hall and the forecourt adjoining, provide space for up to 17 vehicles.
By agreement the hall is used by a number of Island organisations including IOM Photographic Society, Manx Video & Camera Club and for Yoga classes.
The hall is available for hiring and initial enquiries should be directed to Peter Oates at (01624) 676119 or E.mail