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Annual General Meeting 8th November 2007

Trbute was also made to Sheila Scott who was retiring as Society Secretary after 4 years in that position. He also welcomed Jaqui Kelly as our new Secretary, although work commitments had prtvented her attending the A.G.M. Her place on the Committee has gone to Desmond Brooks who was the only nomination.
The nomination from the Committee in respect of the vacant position as President was unanimously approved with the elevation of E. Laurence Kermode, formally Vice-President. The vacancy as Vice-President was then filled with the unanimous election of Mrs Margaret Oates to that position.
The George Crellin Cup was awarded to Mrs Anthea Radcliffe for her hard work in all aspects of the club but in particular the way in which she has led the revival of the Thursday evening workshops.

Anthea Radcliffe
Recipient of the George Crellin Cup for outstanding service to the Society