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Isle of Man Art Society's Past Newsletters
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Dear Members,

It only seems such a short time since Christmas, and here we are looking
forward to Spring and our Easter Exhibition.  Our Christmas party was a
complete success as usual, thanks to our wonderful band of entertainers, who
all give of their time so willingly, to bring laughter and cheer.  Also
Denise, who worked so hard in preparing and serving the delicious feast we
all enjoyed so much.  We give our grateful thanks to them all, and to
everyone else who did anything to ensure the evening was so memorable.

With Easter coming so early this year, we turn our thoughts to the
preparations for the Easter Exhibition.  With this in mind, we enclose the
Rules for the Exhibition, Entry Form, four labels, Reminder Notes and Car
Stickers. Please will you place the car stickers in your car straight away. 
This is an excellent way of advertising the Exhibition all around the
Island.  We shall have posters in Thie Ellyn; please take a few to put up in
local shops, supermarkets, Dentist's waiting rooms, wherever you can think
of.  If you can't get into Thie Ellyn, please give me a ring (629986) and I
will post you some.  The Reminder notes are to give to your friends, to
remind them of the date and time of the Exhibition.

Please keep in mind that we MAY have to hold back one painting, due to space
restrictions.  When completing the Entry form, please place your paintings
in the order of preference.
When you bring in your paintings, please be prepared to put your name on the
rota for manning the Exhibition, it is very enjoyable, and if you are a new
member, it is a good way of making friends. Remember, it is YOUR Exhibition,
please don't be shy in offering to help.

Handing in day will be on Saturday 31st March between 10am and 4pm at the
Villa Marina.  Again, we shall need plenty of volunteers to help with the
hanging.  The Exhibition will run from 5th to the 13th April. Collection of
unsold paintings will be from 2-15pm to 4pm on the 13th.

Our raffle prize this year will be very kindly donated by Iris Burton, and
we are very grateful to her.

The Artist, in Nelson Street, the Art Gallery in Bucks Road and the Creative
Shop in Strand Street, all offer a 10% discount on materials and framing to
members, you only have to show your membership card.

Meanwhile our Winter Programme is in full swing on Thursday evenings, and
what exciting evenings we have had so far.  Still to come, a talk on Oil
painting, a Beetle Drive on March 1st, painting flowers with Catherine James
and a wonderful Dancer to paint.....

This year in our SUMMER PAINTING WEEK we are very excited about the artist
who has agreed to come over from the south of England. His paintings are
divine.  His name is Hashim Akib.  He is a very experienced Tutor, he works
mainly in Acrylic and watercolour, he is young, very enthusiastic and his
paintings are very exciting. Those of you with computers may wish to view
some of them on the web, at  He will travel to the Island
on Monday 25th June, and will give a demonstration at Thie Ellyn on Tuesday
evening, 26th June at 7pm.  He will paint a portrait in Acrylics of one of
our members.  (Volunteers wanted)  We will provide a light supper, as usual,
and the cost for this evening will be 4.  Tuition days will be Wednesday,
Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, when hopefully we shall get outside to paint.
  I know we shall book up very quickly for this week, so first come first
served. Cost for the week will be 75, with individual days at 20.

We enclose a Standing Order form.  Many of our members have requested these
to pay our subscriptions in future.  This will solve the problem of
forgetting to send in our subs, and also reduce the work for the Treasurer
and Membership Secretary.  We hope many members will use them.  Please send
completed form to the Membership Secretary, Mrs Christine Pollard, "Kensa",
Ballakilpheric, Colby.

We have five new members, Trish Fargher, Doreen Corrin, Desmond Brook, Bugvi
Poulsen and Sandy Cross. We extend to them all a very warm welcome, and wish
them all many happy years painting with us.

So get those paintings finished, we look forward to seeing you all at the
Exhibition, if not before.

Kind regards,

Sheila Scott ( Hon Sec)

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